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“In the very near future, new rule changes in EPA will prohibit most outdoor wood boilers (and wood boiler companies) from being sold. Once the rule changes have taken effect, the only outdoor wood boilers that can be sold in the United States will be in the much higher priced ($12,000 – $20,000) gasification models.

If you are considering the purchase of an outdoor wood boiler, make certain you are buying from a company with a long history, not from a company that may not be here in the near future. Aqua-Therm was one of the first commercial manufacturers of the comtemporary outdoor wood boiler and has been in business since 1983.  There are plenty of “deals” out there and plenty of great companies like Aqua-Therm, just make sure you know they will still be around if you should have any warranty needs.

This is your last chance to excercise your freedom of choice!

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