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Can’t Burn Wood Because of EPA Regulations?

The EPA does not regulate coal boilers.  No need to buy a temperamental $12,000+ EPA qualified OWB with minimum field experience. The Aqua-Therm Coal-One is based on the very same design at the popular Eco-One Wood Fired Boiler with just a few minor changes which Include Firebrick. The Aqua-Therm Coal-One Starts at $6,995 for the Model 275 (able to heat up to 5,000 sq. ft.). The Eco-One and Coal-One Boilers are based on time tested designs since 1983.



Why Pay an Extra $3,000+ for a Sheltered Model?

Aqua-Therm is the ONLY Outdoor Wood (or Coal) Fired Boiler that you can buy without the shelter, saving $3,000 +/-, put it in an existing outbuilding or, for approximately $500, put up a simple 10′ X 10″ shed. Your boiler is out of the weather, you can store your wood inside, keeping it clean and dry, and loading the boiler in so much easier out of the weather. Save $3,000 and have a more pleasant experience safe from the weather.

0% Interest, 12 Month Financing with 25% Down. Payments as low as $433.00 a month with 25% Down and Balance Split Between 12 Equal Monthly Payments. Payments based on total financed amount of $6,495.00 O.A.C.





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What our customers are saying:

“Thanks again for a great product! We have been 100% wood heat for over 20 years with our Aqua-Therm. I am 61 and still enjoy going to the woods (gym) to get my exercise and heat”

– Bob from Ohio