Radiant Heating

In-floor Radiant Heating Systems

The Aqua-Therm Comfort Heating System is an energy efficient heating installation that works by circulating hot water through tubing built into, or under the floor.

The system utilizes a hot water boiler to provide heating and domestic water supply for residential and commercial applications. Any type of boiler can be utilized for the system such as wood, wood pellet, coal, oil, gas, or electric.

It’s all about Comfort…

In-floor Radiant Heating is the fastest growing type of heat in the United States and has been used extensively in Europe for decades. The main reason for this? Comfort! With regular heating systems convection causes the air to stratify, leaving progressively cooler air to settle to the floor. Where’s all the heat? Above your head at the ceiling, nowhere near where you need it!


Aqua-Therm Comfort Heating Systems radiate the heat from the floor, where it is needed most. The diagram at the left shows the differences in room temperatures with radiant floor and forced air. Notice the temperature range difference with forced air heat.

Our system delivers superior comfort with more consistent heat from floor to ceiling, quiet, dust and draft free operation that is compatible with a wide variety of carpet and flooring.

High Efficiency Equals Savings…

Save up to 30% over forced air, set your thermostats 6-8°F cooler, save money and still feel warm! In-floor radiant installations actually heat the structure of the building, causing the surrounding areas to act like heat sinks. Our systems retain the heat longer than conventional ones, keeping heat closer to the floor with less heat loss through the ceiling.

Lower thermostat settings and longer building heat retention equals definite heating cost savings in your pocket!

Versatile Residential and Commercial Applications…

Residential Commercial Surface Snowmelt
New Construction Manufacturing Driveways
Additions Warehouses Sidewalks
Garages Greenhouses Public Areas
Remodeling Airport Hangers Gutters & Eaves
Heating Upgrades Repair Shops
Entire Building Utility Sheds
Selected Areas

Pex-Al-Pex™ In-floor Tubing…

The heart of our system is our proprietary Pex-Al-Pex™ tubing by Comfort Heat Systems. Pex-Al-Pex™ is a cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) tubing with an aluminum oxygen barrier. This unique three-layer composite pipe combines the advantages of plastic with the durability of metal.

The tubing for your In-floor Radiant installation is going to be in your floor permanently. We believe in using only the best product available. Extensive testing, installations and comparisons with other products established that Pex-Al-Pex™ is simply the best tubing for In-floor Radiant Systems. Ease of handling and superior construction says it all! It can be rolled out by one person, with no special tools required, and stays where you put it, without springing back.

Aqua-Therm is one of the top suppliers of Pex-Al-Pex™ in the United States. With millions of feet installed nationwide, you can be assured we will supply the best product at the the best price.

Click here to download the latest Pex-Al-Pex™ product brochure.